Why Everybody Be Hatin’ on the Little Prince?

It has been a while since an event has divided the world in such a way.  When it comes to the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, (do I really need to tell you who his parents are?)  the way I see it, there are three groups of people out there; Group #1 is over the moon and frothing at the mouth over the third in line to the British throne.  Group #2 are so irate that this little (not) nobody is getting oodles of press time when there are more important things in the world to discuss.  Group #3 really doesn’t care either way.  I am somewhere between #1 and #3.  Maybe I should make a fourth category?

My two cents on the Royal Baby? I ain’t no Royal watcher but I’m pretty stoked!  Many people are upset by the amount of coverage this little lad is receiving. Personally, though the Royal family has no effect on my daily life, I am more than happy to be bombarded by news of a little person making his way safely into the world.  It is a much-welcomed change from the drama of war, starvation, GMOs, murder, debt, environmental disaster, politics, earthquakes, rape, bullying, and general destruction that normally fills our airwaves.


As a global community it would appear we are all so desperate for good news that it is no wonder we choose to cling to events such as the birth of a famous child.  A child represents hope for the future, an innocent person free from prejudice.  A clean slate.  A new start or in come cases a “do over”.  The little Prince was famous before he was even born and though the media has a way of convincing us what is “important”, why is it so hard for some of us to admit we got sucked in to the hype?  I’ll admit, I checked the news tickers daily to see if Kate had gone into labour.  And hooyah!  I got excited when I saw them on the steps of the Lindo Wing debuting their son – I even watched the live feed on my laptop.  So what?  I am a parent and I am happy for them.  They have a new little person to get to know and I can relate to the fears and joy they are feeling at this very moment.

The royal birth has made a bunch of people happy and I see nothing wrong with that.


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